Carl-Sonnenschein-Grundschule, denkmalgerechte Sanierung


Project description

The Carl- Sonnenschein- Elementary School was built from 1958 to 1960 and consists of a complex of separate buildings: school building, gymnasium, cafeteria and nursery.

The Carl- Sonnenschein- Elementary School is a listed building and is one of the architectural monuments that have survived almost unchanged since no major renovations have occurred since its construction. However, the building has structural deficiencies that make a rehabilitation necessary.

The proposed energy-efficient renovation includes modernization of the heating system and insulation measures on the building envelope. The two courtyards will receive an enclosure with a glass roof, to solve the engineering problems and to meet the historic preservation requirements of conserving the original steel and glass constructions of the courtyard facade.

The construction project only includes the school building.

The teaching activities will continue in the nursery building, in the cafeteria and in the gym during the construction period.