Project description

The community center Sankt Kamillus is located on the Klausenerplatz. The building extends with a width of approximately 33 m and depth of about 58 m. It consists of several buildings, which were built in successive phases and are now used as a parish with convention, daycare and retirement home. Initially a two-storey building for the parish, a monastery and a daycare were constructed from 1930 onwards in the back of the property. In 1931-32 a six-storey building was integrated into the frontage by the architect Hermann Albert Mohr, whose facade is dominated by the view of the church building and defines the Klausenerplatz towards the south. The buildings position within the perimeter block structure is emphasized by two lateral bell towers. The rear building (parish, convent and daycare) was produced in massive construction of masonry and steel reinforced brick floors (so-called Eltondecken/ Steineisendecken). The church building was built as well in massive construction of masonry, steel columns / beams and steel reinforced brick-floors (Eltondecken/ Steineisendecken) as well as reinforced concrete ceilings. The church is reached from the street via an outside staircase. Left and right of the church interior, two galleries exist. On the main floor, there is a large ceremonial hall. The main building and the two-storey building towards the garden are connected by cloisters. All parts of the building have a basement. The construction work was carried out during operation. Here, the interests of the kindergarten and the retirement home have been taken into account. The church is registered as a historic landmark in the monument list of the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment Berlin.