82 Federal Service Apartment Berlin / Pankow


Project description

The site is located in the Pankow district within an area, characterized by its heterogeneous, small-scale buildings. In the south it is bounded by three-storey old building stock, towards the west and north by two- to four-storey buildings and towards the east by small garden plots.

82 residential units grouped in 21 buildings are developed, following and corresponding harmoniously with the surrounding building stock. In terms of traffic, the complex of two- storey townhouses and urban villas is connected to a private road and the northbound Angerweg. Off these roads the buildings are reachable by foot. A restored stream forms the communal center of the complex where a playground is located.

All apartments feature a clear layout structure and have a dedicated green area, either a balcony or a terrace. The habitable rooms are always oriented towards west or south.