Federal Office Hannover, testing laboratory marquardt


Project description

The Bundessortenamt is a sort of patent office for agricultural products: New apple varieties for example are grown for ten years, being tested and approved. The project, consisting of a two-storey administration building, a single-storey building (integrating a laboratory) and a machine hall, fits harmoniously into the rural environment. The concept of using small fragmented roofs refers to the architectural scale of the surrounding buildings.

Due to poor soil conditions and a tight budget the buildings do not have underground levels. Designed with a combining steel system (Stahlverbundsystem), the choice of a unitized structure led to time and cost savings. The ceramic facade is mounted on an aluminum substructure and creates a representative building envelope, which is sustainable in its materiality. The resulting wall structure is light but energy efficient.

The interior was carried out in a high quality standard, since both innovative and cost-neutral detail solutions were found. The resulting modern buildings have set an example for “low- tech” buildings in the public sector.