Project description

The design proposal for the Campe – High School in Holzminden includes a compact three-storey newly constructed building without a basement, which on its north side connects to the existing old building structure (Remtergebäude). Creating an ensemble of old and new.

The new building contains a central atrium on the upper floors, which is located in the symmetry axis of the old building’s median risalit and correlates with its dimensions to the former auditorium: an imprint of the old arises in the new. The new atrium is a glimpse into the future of the traditional Campe – Gymnasium.

Teaching and classrooms as well as the new assembly hall and a café are situated within the new building. The old structure is dedicated to the teachers and the administration. Three schoolyards offer a generous supply of open space.

To connect the new design directly with the old building, a simple structure and homogeneous facade is proposed. A conventional load carrying system, a passive air conditioning by building tempering and natural ventilation are the foundations of an optimal thermal utilization. Moreover the choice of material is key for a durable building.